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Your business “MUST” have an online presence in this competitive digital world where your customers and prospects are already searching online. Online marketing is the most cost effective means of marketing and generating new business. It’s growing daily and 89% of consumers use search engines for making purchase decisions. Studies have shown that people visit online stores up to 7 times prior to purchasing a product or using a service.

VIS® – The Web & Mobile Specialists offers a comprehensive range of digital online marketing solutions for any kind of business. We are a team of strategic marketers with years of experience and expertise in the field of digital marketing. The methods we implement have a proven track record to increase profits and achieve market leadership. We understand what’s required to make your online presence, powerful and successful. We specialize in generating more business via Google with robust SEO and PPC techniques, SMO, Video marketing, content marketing and more. Browse through our online marketing services below and add a global dimension to your business.

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Check out the testimonials how we have helped Adams Dental:


Here’s some of the stunning feedback we regularly receive for Online Marketing:

“Prabin was responsible for my successful online senate campaign using the social media,search engine, defensive websites and a state-of-the art political app for Family First Party Australia which was a huge success and was followed by users across Australia and even abroad. Through the app, the users could play a mock voting and learn about the different policies that are being raised by Family First Party.”
Bob Day AO,
Federal Chairman & Senator, for SA at 2013 Federal election

Since VIS® redesigned my website and arranged for a great little video on the home page, my workshop registrations have doubled…
Dr. Margaret Taylor,
Prolotherapy for Doctors

How to get the most out of your online Marketing!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is everything. It’s the world’s most frequently used search engine, resulting in over 3 billion daily searches.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media continues to change the face of business every day. Over 16% of the world’s population is a member of Facebook.

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Email Marketing (ezMail)

VIS email marketing is one of the most powerful, simple, unique and robust solutions that creates emails, manages and protects them.

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Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video says it all. Video marketing aims at communicating products and services effectively to audiences.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid advertising (Sponsored Results) which helps your business to be targeted by website traffic within a short time frame.

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Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management acts as a role player that controls what’s revealed when someone Googles your name.

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Content Writing

Content writing and marketing has become an integral part for creating awareness about your brand and building a strong online presence.

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