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Mobile Apps are now a necessity for your business in 2017

6In today’s world, mobile apps are no longer a “maybe” for a business, they are a necessity. For your information, 79% of smartphone users make purchasing decisions using their mobiles and Australians are the third biggest online shoppers in the world. So it’s a growing trend that mobile devices are here to stay and having a mobile app will enhance your business as 73% of business owners use Mobile apps daily.


It’s predicted that by 2016, there will be more than 8 billion mobile devices in use. So where will your business be heading without a mobile app? The mobile web today, is dominated by mobile apps. Your customers are online, they have a mobile, and they regularly use apps. So, it’s important to embrace this new area of technology for your business to stay connected and keep your customers informed of new developments and progress.


Listed below are some features how mobile apps can benefit your business:

  • It helps to connect with consumers on the go.
  • It helps to build brand loyalty
  • It provides greater accessibility
  • It helps to increase your visibility and sales
  • It increases your exposure worldwide


Even your customers derive benefits from your app including the following:

  • They have easy access to your inventory.
  • They are notified of events, launches and other special offers.
  • They can easily view directions to your location.
  • It’s a one touch action to find contacts, make appointments and record notes of significance.

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