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6 ways Artificial intelligence will impact our lives


The advancement of technology is moving at a breakneck speed. No aspect of daily life goes by without a touch of technology and it’s only the start.

Men have searched for immortality for thousands of years, and with Artificial Intelligence it seems possible. The development of AI, robots who can make decision by themselves and Trans-humanism, this is what the future holds. AI has been frequently used in movies with various forms such as Iron Man’s Jarvis, Ex Machina, Wall.E, CHAPPiE, A.I. and many more. Well, some of them were good, and some of them were bad for the society as depicted in the movies but, that’s pros and cons using AI and we are getting far too ahead, decades and decades in fact, so let’s keep that talk for the next series.

We are here to discuss how Artificial Intelligence will impact our lives, or impacting our lives right now with Uber’s self-driving cars and trucks, the next true stride in advancement of technology.

Once AI is perfected, we will forget how it was to live without them. Just think about it, right now we cannot even go through a single day without using smart phones.

With the use of science, maths and robotics, Artificial Intelligence promised the ability to think analytically to solve problems on their own and make our life easier.

And here is our list of ways Artificial Intelligence will impact our lives.

  1. Saving the Planet


Climate change and global warming are major problems mankind is facing today. And its root cause is Pollution. Scientists believe development of artificial intelligence will be the main step towards solving these issues. AI with its thinking capacity and use of big data can come up with new strategies to tackle these problems. The robots and AI integrated devices can also help clean up the environment, reducing effects of air and water pollutions.

  1. Transportation


Travel and automation is another field which will be affected by the advancement in AI. Driverless cars are already on the road, thanks to Google, Tesla and Uber coming out with their own versions. The tech applied here uses laser radar system and a range finder to determine the distance between themselves and nearby objects. The system generates a detailed 3D map of the surrounding and combines it with a real-world map producing different types of data model that makes self-driven cars possible.

Also driver-less trains are already carrying passengers in Japan and other cities such as Dubai, Copenhagen, London and Madrid. AI technology works great as it shifts responsibility from a distracted driver, and its reaction time is much faster than a human’s.

  1. Medical Advancement


What if we detect cancer before it starts growing? What if we could perform complex medical operation without any difficulty? With years of research and big data incorporated in AI, it is now a close possibility. AI is being integrated with medicine to help doctors to detect diseases even before they plague the body.

There is also much advancement made in artificial muscles which now feature smart technology that mimic the movement of real muscles with signal transmitting from nerve receptors.

  1. Security


What if we don’t have to lose our loved ones in wars? What if we could sleep peacefully at night without the community watch? That is very much a possibility with artificial intelligence. Robots with AI can take up dangerous missions, they can scout war zones and decrease the number of casualties. They are alert, have better reflexes and can sort out volumes of data quickly.

AI can be used in security in banks and stock exchanges. As reported there were 707 million cybersecurity breaches in 2015 and almost a billion in 2016. The data show how vulnerable we are in the cyber war. But with AI, we can detect weak spots early and prevent breaches from happening, saving millions in worth of data and money.

  1. Space Exploration


Mankind has always wanted to reach for the star. And since we are curious by nature, we are constantly trying to discover what lies beyond the horizon. However, even a lifetime is not enough to explore all the things that there is in space. This is where AI is a big boost. We already use space rovers to explore planets and robots to help in dangerous tasks in the satellite space station. With integration of AI in space technology, think about how much we can accomplish!

  1. Rise of the new Species – Cyborg


What if we can live forever? This has been mankind’s greatest question, and quest for immortality. What if we can transfer our consciousness onto a robot, to an AI, like in the movies Surrogates and Ghost in the Shell? When possible we will witness the rise of completely new technology, one that perfectly makes use of an immortal body with conscious mind. This is definitely the stuff of sci-fi movies and will take hundreds of years, if not decades. But when it does, this technology will change the way we see life and the way we live it.

However at the moment, there are technologies which replaces missing body parts with robotic ones, such as bionic thought-controlled legs and arms, prosthetic hands that sense touch, supersensitive electronic skin, 3D printed ears, artificial eyes, artificial pancreas, artificial nose (sort of) that detect diseases, and scientists have even created miniature human brain as well as beating hearts created in a petri dish till date. So, we are right on track!

All this upgrade in technology will make our life much easier even when we suffer from serious accidents.

There will always be debate in the international community about development and application of AI. But we can’t deny the fact that over time AI has been making our lives easier and sustainable, and will impact our lives in the future. Not only AI will affect the way we live, but the way we do business as well. The revolution it will bring in the market is unimaginable. This disruption will define the age that is yet to come.